The Nut Grub Story

Nut Grub and our family of brands began in the Fall of 2011. Mark Perry with the help of his son, Logan Perry, formulated an idea to create a product that he believed deer and other wildlife would absolutely love. The first batch of Nut Grub was mixed by hand and bagged up inside a family friend’s barn. It was labeled Nut Grub and put into the hands of a few friends who wanted to try it out. Mark and Logan delivered 2 pallets to a local sporting goods store for their fall festival that year and both pallets were sold out before the festival was over! Mark and Logan both knew they were onto something great and wanted to produce Nut Grub in such a way that hunters across The Natural State and surrounding states could enjoy. Nut Grub has grown into a well-known deer attractant and supplement not only in Arkansas but around the United States. The Nut Grub brand consists of 4 high quality products found in many cooperatives, sporting goods stores, and local feed and farm stores.

The Nut Grub brand evolved from the Perry’s desire to create a high-quality deer attractant and supplement that can be used in any environment while keeping focusing on their herd nutrition. All Nut Grub products are enhanced with ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of deer and wildlife day in and day out. The main goal of P&P's Nut Grub is to attract large mature deer to your hunting spot so any outdoorsmen can experience the hunt of a lifetime.

Thanks for choosing the Original Nut Grub brand. We wish you the best hunting season!

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